Project Manager

Flemming Andersen


Relining a complete fishing vessel in under two weeks

25. November 2019

In less than two weeks, the Faroese fishing vessel Tróndur í Gøtu from 2010, measuring 81.6-m long and 16.6-m wide, had all its leaky pipes renewed using high-tech CIPP liners. The damaged pipes run, for example, through bulkheads and fuel tanks and discharged oil in the fish tanks. 

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Dipl.-Ing., Aarsleff GmbH

Mirko Knechtel


Record breaking GRP project installed in Munich

11. Februar 2019

One of the most important sewers in Munich flows under the “Dachauer Straße” military area, in the area of the Spiridon-Louis-Ring and Ackermannstraße near to the previous Olympic site in the North of the Bavarian state capital of Munich (Figure 1).


Aarsleff was, by the local sewer utility in Munich, awarded the biggest No-Dig sewer rehabilitation project in Europe – rehabilitation of the main sewer Oberwiesenfeld in Munich by means of GRP profiles of up to 3,860/3,055 mm on a 1,565-m-long-stretch.


Profiles of this dimension have never before been installed this way and challenged all parties involved. The successful execution of the project once again pushed the limits of what is possible.


Project Manager

Rasmus Tranum


Underneeth the industrial Harbour in Aarhus

25. November 2019

At the Port of Aarhus, one of the biggest commercial and traffic harbours in Denmark, there has been major investment in plans to renew the entire pipe network and to renew both main pipes and manholes, using cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) technology.


Divisional Director

Hans Christensen

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Aarsleff Pipe Technologies celebrates 40th anniversary

04. February 2019

Aarsleff Pipe Technologies divisional manager Hans Christensen talks with Trenchless International about Aarsleff's history in the trenchless sector, the company's developement as a European market-leader and the trenchless rehabilitation industry's future in the lead up to Aarsleff's 40th anniversary in the CIPP industry.


Sales Manager, Housing 

Jane Mark


Bluelight LED facilitates sewer rehabilitation

01. April 2019

When a recent aged care facility for people suffering from dementia started planning a sewer rehabilitation project, rehousing the residents was a real possibility to minimize the trauma caused by the noise, clutter and presence of unfamiliar people associated with the operations. Luckily, Rosengaarden Care Home near Aarhus, Denmark, was able to find a solution that left the residents unaffected.


Divisional Director

Hans Christensen

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Aarsleff and HammerHead announces partnership

15. November 2018

Aarsleff Pipe Technologies and HammerHead® Trenchless, a Charles Machine Works Company, of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, USA, have signed a long-term, strategic partnership agreement that includes plans for HammerHead to produce and distribute the Bluelight LED Curing to markets outside of Europe and Russia.